Occupational Hygiene

Qualitek Safety offers Occupational Hygiene services in accordance with regulatory requirements and by British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) qualified consultants and reviewed by a Director with SLFOH qualification prior to reports being issued.


Occupational Hygiene Services


COSHH Exposure Measurement

We can carry out 8 hr TWA personal sampling for both inhalable and respirable dust as well snatch and real time analysis undertaken by BOHS W507/W501 qualified staff.

Qualitek Safety has BOHS W501/W507 qualified consultants that can carry out personal exposure measurements of airborne contaminants to assist you in protecting your workers and comply with COSHH Regulations.

We can carry out:

  • Snatch sampling
  • 8 hr TWA personal sampling for both inhalable and respirable dust/fumes
  • Real time dust/fumes monitoring
  • Adsorption or passive sampling for vapour and gases

We can also carry out COSHH risk assessments, advise on suitable controls and process improvements to reduce exposure, as well as training your staff.


Noise Surveys & Dosimetry

Carried out by BOHS W503 qualified staff using the latest type 1 meter with octave band analysis and personal dosimeters.

Qualitek Safety offers a complete service including:

  • Noise surveys and Noise Risk assessments including personal dosimetry by BOHS qualified staff
  • We also have intrinsically safe equipment for use in surveys in ATEx areas.
  • Identification of technical controls and suitable hearing protection

Lighting Surveys

Carried out in accordance with HSE ACOP L38.

We provide lighting surveys to assist you in complying with The workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 specify that,
“Every workplace shall have suitable and sufficient lighting suitable…and sufficient emergency lighting shall be provided in any room in circumstances in which persons at work are specially exposed to danger in the event of failure of artificial lighting.”

Qualitek Safety offers:

    • Lighting surveys
    • Emergency lighting verification surveys

Vibration Measurement

Qualitek Safety carry out vibration measurements (in accordance with BS EN ISO 5349-2:2001+A1:2015) and vibration risk assessments to assist you in ensuring that workers are not exposed to levels of vibration that can give rise to Hand Arm Vibration syndrome (HAV’s).

Carried out by BOHS W503 qualified staff using the latest type 1 meter with octave band analysis and intrinsically safe badge dosimeters.

Real life vibration measurements can often be significantly different to manufacturers’ quoted values so we can measure vibration using tri-axial vibration levels and (using tool timers) obtain real trigger times to give accurate vibration risk assessments.


Face Fit Testing

Testing carried out on your site by Fit2Fit trained staff.

We will travel to your site and can carry out;

  • Qualitative face fit testing to determine the suitability of dust masks/ half face masks or
  • Quantitative testing for full face masks (using Quantitifit negative pressure testing technique).

Staff carrying out face fit testing have successfully completed a “Fit2Fit” accredited training scheme.

Please note: staff being tested must be clean shaven and have refrained from eating, drinking and smoking within the half hour prior to testing and attend with the mask type they will be using.


Breathing Air Quality Testing

Where staff wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) that has a positive air supply from an air compressor, you are required to ensure that the breathing air supplied meets the quality requirements in British Standard BS EN 12021:2014 “Respiratory Equipment- Compressed air for breathing apparatus” in addition to the pressure and airflow rate requirements of the manufacturer.

Breathing air quality testing is required on a quarterly basis.

We offer testing with the latest breathing air quality testing equipment allowing you to comply with your duties under COSHH 2002 Regulation 9.


EMF Measurement

Screening surveys or measurents/risk assessements by suitably qualified staff.

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW) require that employers protect their workers from EMF exposure. The EMF Regulations require you to complete a risk assessment which takes into account workers with implanted medical devices e.g. pacemakers and ICD’s, passive implanted medical devices (PIMDs) or body-worn medical devices (BWMDs) as well as pregnant workers.

We can carry out:

1. Initial screening audits to see if equipment/tasks would fall within the scope of these regulations

2. EMF surveys including the measurement of EMF and written risk assessment.

Work is carried out by competent staff who have successfully completed a relevant course in EMF measurement and risk assessment and reports reviewed by a director prior to release.

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